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Lionel, the guardian (Indie game)
Lionel is a giant who was adopted by a group of villagers after being foresaken by his tribe. He goes through a series of challenges in order to become the guardian of the village. Game credits are held by Playable Creatures (Rafael Montenegro - game design and programming; Liandro Roger - visual development and animation; Roberto Oskman - music and audio effects). You can purchase or learn more about the the game on this link: https://playablecreatures.itch.io/lionel-the-guardian
Granny Annie
Granny Annie is a sympathetic old lady with a lot of energy and life, but also pretty temperamental. This character featured in an indie comic story I made as a student in 2006 and redesigned into a multimedia web format during my master's degree in 2016. You can read the webcomic on this link: www.atravessandoarua.com
More coming soon! :)

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